Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Qualitative Methods Conference: "The Body Politic"
3 & 4 September 1996, Johannesburg, South Africa

Part 6


Subtitle: Vile Retentions

Moshekwa Langa

This paper suggests itself as one that will be dealing with, among other things, the body - locating some of the material within the paradigm of performance and artifice as authentic experiences of reality. Perhaps also symbolic actions (of course, symbolic actions). Implication: Naturalization. Clinical Cynicism. Claimed Atrociousness.

Sometimes they are infernal. Only sometimes. What I am mentioning here are The Halcyon Days. I like to imagine that they were nice (that they are nice). Yes, very nice. But that is just it [This is it].

No. Not quite so. They were glorious. [They are glorious]. I live them everyday [a very particular conception of the halcyon days]. I live through some of them everyday, or, rather on some days only. I am just expressing these sentiments, these sentiments only.

I would like to, and, I do, I introduce myself, or rather something of myself, and, also some self of me. To you. Please note that here I have mentioned sentiments. I was at home one day. I mean t