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If you have material that you would like placed in NEWS FROM THE TRENCHES or another part of the open methods site, please e-mail it to [email protected]. We're particularly interested in publications or other critical work on the margins of the South African academy.

"New Therapist" hits the streets
If you're a psychologist or psychology student you may have noticed a rather snazzy new publication aimed at those in the shrink business. It's run by John Soderland of Pietermaritzburg with help from some well-known South African academic psychologists (among those whose names appear as 'contributing editors' are Gill Eagle, Kevin Durrheim, Hannetjie King and Graham Lindegger). As a money-making venture New Therapist panders to the narrow commercial interests of private practitioners, but it clearly also wants to be something of a critical force. There is a strong focus on practical issues (how to furnish your therapy room, how to take out professional indemnity insurance) and on growing new trends (managed health care, continuing education, prescription privileges for psychologists) and some coverage of cutting-edge therapeutic models and theories. Insider know-how of this sort is not only useful to qualified therapists, but also to those on the margins of the therapy business (students, clients, lay counsellors) who need to understand the nature of the beast. Hopefully the editors will bear this audience in mind as New Therapist develops. For subscription or other info e-mail the editor at [email protected].
Article by Martin Terre Blanche, 7 July 1999

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