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Something for nothing
  Paper presented at the 8th Annual Qualitative Methods Conference: "Something for nothing"
1 May to 30 September 2002 (http://criticalmethods.org/p117.mv)
Moral education as a strategy in the ara of globalizatin
Parvin Kadivar

Contact e-mail: Kadeevar @Hotmail.com

In the transition from a modern to global ara and prepare people to meet the challenges of globalization,the question of what constitutes education in different societies appropriete to the needs and the demands of global community is one of the critical issues.We need to recognize the magnitude of this challenge. The task that no nation has yet succeded.However, it seems that education is the only tool we have in hand to meet the other side of globalization, including exclusion,economic inequalities,knowledge gap between nations,drug abuse,HIV/AIDS,etc.
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2 Aug 2002 - It seems that Euro-American worlds are best placed for the global economy - some would say to well placed ... And that developing economies will always follow behind without any real power. - Zodo