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Psychiatric Activism

With anti-psychiatry long dead and the new biological psychiatry apparently successful on all fronts, it may appear as if psychiatry has finally managed to extricate itself from politics. However, in Europe and America there are still vigorous campaigns around the definition and management of 'mental illness' - often lead by ex-patients and current consumers of psychiatric services (see our list of links). Our aim here is to further this struggle by gathering together useful resource material. Click on the right to view the beginnings of our web archive on psychiatry in South Africa. We also have two complete PhD dissertations concerned with issues of power and knowledge in psychiatry, and a draft paper. More related material welcome. Opposition to SA Psychiatry -
A Web Archive

Paranoia PhD

Readmission PhD

Anti-psychiatry paper


Psychiatry and anti-psychiatry links

These links are to organisations involved in psychiatric activism, ranging from conservative (usually dominated by professionals and or family members) to radical (usually dominated by ex-patients).

The Centre for the study of Psychiatry and Psychology - "Visited by more than 1300 folks a day"

Psychiatric Survivors' Page Nami Dendron Mad Nation Narpa Successful Schizophrenia The Antipsychiatry Coalition Thomas Szasz Consumer Self-Help Clearinghouse National Empowerment Center Treatment advocacy centre

Psychiatric Times German Journal of Psychiatry

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