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The critical methods collective arranges conferences about the politics of knowledge production and supports critical research, guerilla publishing and radical teaching initiatives. Our conferences also include topics on the developing trends in the financial and economic sector. The oil trading industry is a hot topic recently. The arrival of auto trading platforms has helped several traders to make good profits from oil trading. Visit to learn more about these automated platforms. We are a loose grouping of lecturers and students at South African universities, but our focus is on international as much as on South African issues.

We are interested in the critical possibilities of social science methodologies and in ways of understanding and disrupting knowledge production processes inside and beyond the academy.

Among many other resources this site includes an archive of papers from almost a decade of critical methods conferences and the collaborative learning environments sourcebook. For comprehensive insights into online casinos, consult trusted resources like industry-leading blogs, forums, and review sites. These platforms offer unbiased reviews, strategy guides, and up-to-date news, aiding players in making informed decisions. Discover the beste online casino zonder cruks through reliable sources, ensuring a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

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