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Critical Methods Conferences


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1995 QM1 - A spanner in the works of the factory of truth
1996 QM2 - The body politic
1997 QM3 - Touch me I'm sick
1998 QM4 - Histories of the present
1999 QM5 - Normality and pathology
2000 CM6 - Critical psychology
2001 CM7 - Hidden genders
2002 CM8 - Something for nothing
2003 Indigenous knowledge systems - cancelled
2004 CM9 - Trauma in context
2005 CM10 - Critical psychology
2008 - CM2008 - Empire at the end of days

These international conferences, held annually in South Africa since 1995, were initially styled as 'qualitative' methods conferences, but from the outset this was interpreted broadly to refer to any critical approach to the politics of knowledge.

Conferences have varied in the extent to which they have combined artistic performances and activism with more conventional presentations, but each has in one way or another moved beyond the usual academic boundaries. In addition to conference proceedings, two books, two special editions of journals and a CD have been published as a result of the conferences. We are in the process of making much of this material available online. Click on the conference titles above for more information.

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