Collaboration roles

Perhaps the most important change brought about by the shift to collaborative learning is that many new roles (beyond just lecturer-student) come into play. In collaborative learning the model is most often not that of the "sage on the stage" but of the "guide by the side". Below are some resources that relate to this.

A November 2002 Chronicle of Higher Education article on a National Academy of Sciences report on technology-driven changes in higher education predicts "an academe dominated by freelance instructors selling their services to many institutions, which in turn compete for students who buy courses a la carte from many different colleges". Also: "technology, by allowing students to learn both at a distance and at their own pace, will undercut two commonplace features of undergraduate instruction: lectures and a common reading list. Rather, students will collaborate online with one another and their instructor". And quoted from the report: "The faculty member of the twenty-first century university could thus become more of a consultant or a coach than a teacher, less concerned with transmitting intellectual content directly than with inspiring, motivating, and managing an active learning process...That is, faculty may come to interact with undergraduates in ways that resemble how they interact with their doctoral students today." The ref to the article is: Kiernan, V. (2002). Technology Will Reshape Research Universities Dramatically, Science-Academy Report Predicts. The Chronicle of Higher Education, Friday November 8,  The full report is here.


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