"One of the most crucial ways in which culture provides aid in intellectual growth is through a dialogue between the more experienced and the less experienced" (Jerome Bruner)

"Training, like psychology, is inherently pessimistic. Both fields are built on a core belief that people are deficient or dysfunctional." Jay Cross (2003). Informal Learning � the other 80%

"The primary architects of knowledge and learning are the knowers and learners themselves." (Stephen Downes and others, Designing Learning Objects, 2003)

 " Leading knowledge organisations are increasingly likely to view communities of practice not merely as auxillary structures, but as foundational structures on which to build organisations" (Wenger et al 2002; 21)

"Communities of practice help weave broader value webs created by relationships and exchanges which in turn create extended knowledge systems" (Wenger et al 2002; 220)

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